Best Bid

ABG prides itself on formulating the most inclusive project estimates.

Preconstruction planning is known to “make or break” construction projects. Clients that choose us in the early decision-making period of their projects achieve significant benefits. It is during the early decision-making period of your project that ABG’s team of building experts can work closely with the design team and owner in a collaboration to achieve the team’s goals.

Our history, reputation, and testimonials demonstrate a proven track record of positive results. After you retain us as your Consultative Contractor, our Group of Building Experts will bring the market place of subcontractors and suppliers to you, as your advocate, and provide you with a complete project delivery program. We provide your turn-key costs upfront, to avoid financial surprises, and we work diligently during preconstruction to provide cost-effective solutions to achieve value.
The final, total cost of your project, the delivery experience, schedule, quality, and your grand opening date being met are all vital factors that ABG has a proven formula for delivery.

The “Best Bid” is achieved by choosing to put ABG to work at your side from concept to completion.