Basic Building Bit #2: Knowing Landlord Requirements

Landlord Rules

As a tenant, your lease agreement should include an exhibit attached or language therein that communicates the landlord’s rules for construction operations. It is imperative that a copy of this document be given to the general contractor that will build out your tenant improvement, and your general contractor should include these rules in all of their subcontract agreements so that every company involved in your project will understand the landlord’s rules.  Typical Landlord rules should spell out on-site working hours, staging areas, trash dumpster locations, security contact information, daily clean up of construction operations, any construction security or damage deposit requirements, permit requirements, any landlord required subcontractors (typically fire alarm and fire sprinkler subcontractors), and, most importantly, insurance requirements for on-site operations. Always check with the landlord to verify whether or not they are carrying a builder’s risk policy for the entire building. We will expand on the importance of this policy under Insurance. (later chapter)

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